Water Pumps

With an unparalleled reputation in water and waste-water pump manufacturing, our company continues the production of the famous NEMITSAS Pumps. Our technically experienced salesmen offer their consultation in terms of making the right pump selection, ensuring that pump performances perfectly match customers’ requirements.
L. Nemitsas Ltd also handles the installation and commissioning of pumping systems, bringing years of expertise into the field, ensuring that everything is according to our specifications, and thus minimizing the risk of technical failure.
Following the sales process, we make sure that our products are taken care of throughout their entire lifecycle, with our after-sales and maintenance services that can be carried out either on-site, or at our factory premises in Limassol.

L. Nemitsas Ltd has an unparalleled reputation in the water pumping industry, both in Cyprus and overseas. Through the range of our very own Nemitsas Pumps, as well as being the distributor of Pentax pumps in Cyprus, we are enabled to provide pumping systems suitable tailored for different needs.
These include pumps that can provide a simple pressurized water system, as well as a combination of such pumps to form a turnkey booster-set solution for more demanding requirements. Anything that has to do with water transfer is simply our specialty.

*For a more detailed analysis of our NEMITSAS centrifugal pumps, please see “Product Applications” in our “Industrial Division”.

L. Nemitsas Ltd is a Franklin Electric authorized distributor in Cyprus, and offers solutions with submersible pumps, motors, drives, and protective devices. Franklin Motors can be purchased as single units and as a package with our Nemitsas Submersible Pumps. Our service team also handles the installation processes, as well as any future maintenance services required, both in our workshop and on-site.

Franklin Electric is a world leading provider of complete water and fueling systems. The company’s products are used in residential, agricultural, municipal, commercial and fueling applications.