Environmental Policy

L. Nemitsas Ltd believes that everyone must care for the environment and our natural resources. It is admitted that the activities, processes and products of L. Nemitsas Ltd have an impact on the environment, thus the management of the company is committed to continuously improving the environmental performance as part of the ambition to be a good neighbor and satisfying the customer requirements. This will he achieved through the internal and external audit of management practices and control system which comply with the Environmental Management Systems Standard EN ISO 14001: 1996.

L. Nemitsas Ltd is committed to meet the relevant current legislation, regulations and directives and has already established a system for identifying and setting a framework to operate within the requirements of new relevant legislation.

In accordance to the above, L.Nemitsas Ltd has identified key objectives as part of an integrated environmental and quality programme to serve as guidelines in the implementation of this environmental policy. These objectives include, waste (solid and liquid) reduction, energy and resources conservation, impact minimization of new products and processes. The company will release the necessary resources to achieve these objectives using the best available practices which do not entail excessive cost.

The company management will provide education and training to all staff performing activities with negative impact to the environment. It is the responsibility of stafi to implement all procedures and specifications set within the ISO 14001 environmental management system and bring to the attention of the management problems and limitations deriving from the operation of the system.

Managing Director,

L. Nemitsas Ltd