Company Timeline History


The success story of Nemitsas began 100 years ago. Our achievements throughout these years would not have been possible without the invaluable contribution of all who worked with us; employees, management, suppliers, principals, and last but not least our numerous customers in Cyprus and Overseas. We thank them all.

First Generation Of Nemitsas
Panayiotis Nemitsas founded the business as a machine shop and eventually as a foundry. The main activities were to supply the mining industry which was flourishing at that time; i.e the Copper Mines, the Chromium Mines, and the Sulphur and Asbestos Mines. The products supplied were cast iron and bronze castings, rail wagons and other parts needed for the mining industry of Cyprus.

Second Generation of Nemitsas
Xanthos Dimitriou Nemitsas, the son in law of Panagiotis Nemitsas, joined the business. The two partners decided, in addition to supporting the mining industry, to begin manufacturing a range of machinery. The first were flower mills, a very successful product, which were installed in many villages during the years 1930-1945. The product range expanded to include water bucket elevators, used to extract water from shallow wells. Later on, Nemitsas manufactured piston water pumps driven by wind-mills. In 1940, Nemitsas developed a line of centrifugal pumps, responding to the increased demand for irrigation in Cyprus. Several new products were added in the Nemitsas range as the years went by.

Third Generation of Nemitsas
The big development jump started in 1958, with the manufacturing and marketing of a full range of deep well turbine pumps, from 2″ to 12″ diameter. Throughout these years, Nemitsas was established as an integrated Group of Manufacturing and Trading companies as well as a leading exporter of the Nemitsas range of water pumps, building machinery and high quality castings. This was achieved thanks to the relentless efforts of all employees and the commitment of the three main shareholders and members of the Board; the Technical Director, Nicos Nemitsas; the Sales Director, Yiannakis Nemitsas; under the leadership of the Executive Chairman, Takis Nemitsas

Fourth Generation Of Nemitsas
The tradition and activities of Nemitsas Ltd were carried on by Empex Ltd, under the Management of Louisa Nemitsa-Petevi who is the eldest daughter of Takis Nemitsas.
Empex ltd changes name to L.NEMITSAS LTD and continues its successful operations under the same management and ownership.