Industrial Division

We continue the NEMITSAS tradition as a leading manufacturer and worldwide exporter of water pumps and other machinery and equipment.

The NEMITSAS brand for water pumps has been established for decades as a leading brand in its field, both in the Cypriot market and abroad. Quality, and hence the durability of our products have always been of outmost priority to us in ensuring long-term customer satisfaction in each and every application. This is achieved via attention to detail and an effective workflow, from the machining and assembly processes on the factory floor, to quality control and testing of our pumps in our testing well. In this way, all products that leave our factory are guaranteed to sustain and live up to the NEMITSAS class and reputation.

Furthermore, effective collaboration amongst departments such as technical design, raw-materials purchasing, production, and sales, also ensures that products are delivered on time, whether in Cyprus or abroad. In the case where customers desire to attend factory tests, or if third party inspection for a shipment is required, such occasions are always taken into consideration and are well-organized in advance to avoid any delivery delays.

Our company’s attributes are proven by the long-term associations with several of our customers, with whom we have been cooperating for decades, establishing relationships both on a business and a personal level. Our key to success has always been maintaining close liaisons with customers, so as to always be aware of changes and developments in their markets, and subsequently improving our products and services to uphold a strong footprint in our sector