• We respect and protect the rights of all stakeholders, and we have ZERO TOLERANCE against racial, religious, gender discrimination and we treat all stakeholders equally and with respect.

• We respect and apply all provisions of the EU GDPR Directive.

• The Company is responsible for providing the best possible working conditions to its staff, respect their terms of employment, treat them equally and respectfully and provide them with the necessary trainings and means to perform their duties.

• We ensure that our staff is properly and timely rewarded for their services and pay all deducted contributions to the relevant authorities.

• We have set the targets for the next 5 years for all key areas of our activities and we regularly monitor our performance and progress.

• We strive for the continuous improvement of our products, services, and processes to meet the standards of eco-friendly solutions, quality and performance required by our customers.


We want to provide a safe workplace for our employees and all our business associates.

Safety is an integral part of our business and prioritizing it in all areas of our activities gives us a competitive advantage. Our work in managing safety starts from our own employees but extends beyond the company’s boundaries, covering our customers, products, our suppliers, subcontractors, and everyone with whom we interact. With the help of our products, solutions and services, our customers not only enhance safety but also improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Our primary concern is that everyone returns to his family safely, every day. Safety reporting and follow-up procedures help us build a coherent safety culture, identify our most significant risks, and validate the effectiveness of our safety work. Our most significant safety risks are related to factory work, vehicle incidents, equipment installation, and the service business, where our technicians’ working conditions vary from job to job. All our employees are properly and continuously trained to perform their tasks safely and correctly.

Our occupational health and safety principles are defined in our Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety policies, and we have several safety managements tools and practices in place.

We started the procedures for certification according to ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Standards by October 2020.


We are continuously working on lowering our emissions and energy consumption and to pave the way towards a cyclical economy and low carbon environment.

We use environmentally friendly processes and products and respect strictly the local and EU Directives on environmental protection, at all levels of our operation.

We have diversified the activities of our Energy Solutions and we now provide Hybrid Power Systems, Waste to Energy as well as Microgrid & Storage solutions.

We started the procedures for certification according to ISO 14001 by October 2020.

We are in the process of implementing EMAS, with the aim of reducing our environmental impacts, strengthen legal compliance and employee involvement, and save resources and money.

Third Party due Diligence

We conduct business only with business associates who, to our knowledge meet our standards in relation to reputation and conduct and we continuously monitor our business relationships from data available with the Registrar of Companies, and other publicly available sources.

Internal Control Procedures

  • The Company monitors its operations, transactions, agreements, and business practices with all stakeholders, through the ISO and internal audit procedures and the annual audit of its accounts.
  • All transactions and communications are properly documented to ensure traceability and accountability.

Applicable Standards

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Declaration and Manuals.
  • UN Global Code of Conduct
  • The local and EU legislation & Directives and OECD rulings with respect to foreign trade controls, fair competition, antitrust laws, embargos, anti-terrorist measures, and prevention of conflicts of interest.
  • The Agreements and Contracts signed with our Principals and other stakeholders.
  • The accounting standards, business practices & ethics prevailing in Cyprus & the EU.
  • ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Standards
  • The Provisions of the EU GDPR Directive
  • EMAS Management & Audit system