Homeowners expect water to be available on demand, to maintain their gardens and lawns. Our company ensures that this is achieved by providing a complete installation package tailored to customer needs and complemented by the best products in the market. Being Franklin Electric distributors in Cyprus, a global leader in the manufacturing of water movement & management systems, we ensure that our customers receive a turnkey solution of the highest quality and standards. Such a solution may include a Franklin or Coverco submersible motor, coupled with an E-TECH submersible pump and all accessories.

As the exclusive manufacturers of the Nemitsas mechanically driven deep-well turbine pumps, our sales engineers are eager to customize a solution for you. Our technical teams are then in a position to retrofit older installations, as well as install new pumps in remote locations without electricity supply.



When water is requested for any reason within a household, homeowners can count on our Pentax systems for fast response, efficient pressure boosting, reliability, and durability. We can provide solutions for a variety of home sizes and configurations, as well as novel technologies with inverter systems for higher energy efficiency and guaranteed constant water pressure. Booster systems are also available for more demanding applications.



Our Pentax pumping solutions for wastewater & rainwater handling provide customers with peace-of-mind regarding flooded basements or sewage water overflows. Our salespeople are eager to configure customized complete solutions tailored to customer requirements, with all relevant protective accessories to ensure continuous operation and prevent equipment failure. Following a purchase & installation package, you can rely on our continuous support for regular maintenance.



While rainwater piling up on swimming pool covers can be a nuisance and cause damage, Franklin Electric has the perfect solution for this. With an integrated float switch it detects rising water on the cover and discharges the water from the side through a regular garden hose. It is also weighted in such a way to attract water to the pump.


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