EXPORTS Since 1958!

Since 1958, we manufacture and export the full range of Nemitsas pumps & systems worldwide, through an established network of distributors. These distributors have been trained by our Company and are able to execute and subsequently support any project which falls into our scope of operation. This includes covering remote and not easily accessible areas around the globe.

All our distributors have qualified engineers and technicians, repair workshops, and cranes which enable them to install pumps in depths of more than 500 meters.

Our engineers regularly visit our export markets to provide support to our distributors and end-users, and most importantly to update themselves about the requirements of our markets, with the aim of adapting and developing our manufacturing program accordingly.

In cooperation with our distributors, we have participated in International Tenders with a lot of success, meeting very strict specifications set by local and/or International authorities.

Today, there are more than 500,000 Nemitsas pumps which are installed and operating successfully worldwide.

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