Fortis Technology is a renowned company manufacturing tanks for diesel, petrol, and AdBlue storage. Numerous distinctions and certifications guarantee the safety and impeccable quality of Fortis products. The wall thickness of tanks manufactured by Fortis Technology reaches a level of 8.8-9.1mm, almost twice as much as the required European Standard of 5.1mm. Years of experience ensure that customers make the best choice tailored to their specific needs, leading to convenience and economic efficiency. Fuel tanks suitable for road transportation (ADR certified) are also available up to 400l.

Key Characteristics:
  • Optimum tank height ensuring ease and safety of every-day use. The maximum height of 2.03m makes operations including fueling through the upper hatch much easier
  • Documentation – Fortis Technology manufactures tanks in accordance with PN-EN13341+A1, therefore products have the CE mark
  • Equipped with original parts of renowned suppliers, including sensors, pumps, filters, and nozzles. No cheaper alternatives are used.
  • 100% Polish capital, located in Wielkopolska, where production & distribution takes place.
  • Service capability of solving the most advanced issues

Our sales & technical teams can assist you in tank selection, as well as in any other technical aspects required.


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